Where and why does Stærk Kommunikation gather information through the website?

We do not ask for any personal information if you are just visiting our website. However, in order to learn and improve our website, data is collected in an anonymous and aggregated manner, for example the number of visitors to certain pages.

 Some personal data such as name and e-mail address are collected when you contact us through our e-mail form. In such case, your information will be registered with (website host), Google G-suite (e-mail host) and on our harddrives. Registration is completely voluntary.

When running online campaigns for clients, data such as credit card numbers or other billing information can be collected in order to pay for digital marketing. It is your decision whether you would like to hand these over to us and for how long we can keep the information. If we do not hear from you the data is deleted after one month.

Does Stærk Kommunikation use cookies?

A "cookie" is a small piece of data that is sent to your browser from our web server and stored on your computer's hard drive. Stærk Kommunikation uses cookies to develop statistical insights and minimize loading time. We do not, however, create personalized content or use cookies for re-targeting campaigns.

Please check your computer or software manual for specifics on how cookies work on your computer. It is possible to block cookies from being loaded onto your computer. Please note, however, that blocking cookies can affect the performance of websites.

Does Stærk Kommunikation share information collected on the website with 3rd parties?

Personal data collected is not distributed, shared, rented or sold to companies or organizations that are not a part of the Stærk Kommunikation.

If compelled by law or some other regulatory authority, Stærk Kommunikation may share personal information. In such cases we maintain the right to disclose personal information as asked for by a legal or regulatory authority.

 Aggregated, statistical and other non-personal information such as the number of visitors to our website and their use of certain features or services may be shared with third parties working with us -- for example for the promotion of our website.

Does Stærk Kommunikation use addresses collected on the website for sending additional information through e-mails?

Stærk Kommunikation does not have a news letter and will not send you additional information by e-mail or snail mail.

What rules apply if I "click" over to another website?

Stærk Kommunikation may choose to link to third party websites in order to provide either a particular service or more in-depth information on a specific topic. However, our privacy and security statement no longer applies when you leave our website. It is not possible for us to control the information collected on you by externally linked websites, nor the use of this information. For the policies guiding these third party websites, please consult their respective privacy and security statements.

How does Stærk Kommunikation provide security and protect confidential information?

Stærk Kommunikation uses well-recognized and proven technology for e-mails and other e-communication. We use Google G-suite for e-mail hosting and for website hosting and web forms.

How does Stærk Kommunikation handle photos and video containing personal information?

We store data on password protected, external hard drives. To ensure traceability we maintain a logical filing structure that permits us to go back and find all content related to any one client. Photos are processed and tagged using Lightroom Classic. This means we can trace photos and will be able to erase them if asked for. Stærk Kommunikation uses no cloud services for data storage.

Who handles contact information acquired by Stærk Kommunikation?

Your contact information is stored using Google G-suite and and will be adhering to their protection policies and practices. Business invoices are stored using Conta AS. Stærk Kommunikation cannot guarantee safe treatment of data outside our control. For this reason we use well-known and respected 3rd party providers.

Is Stærk Kommunikation in possession of private passwords?

Stærk Kommunikation can for a limited time be in possession of private passwords for clients, e.g. when setting up new e-mails or transferring a website to a URL owned by our client. In such cases, passwords are deleted after 48 hours after which clients can reset his/her password.

How does Stærk Kommunikation handle sensitive corporate information?

Stærk Kommunikation treats trade secrets, strategic insights, unpublished reports and sensitive information, e.g. related to crisis communication, with the highest degree of caution.

Special notice on information gathering in developing countries

Stærk Kommunikation acknowledges that there is a special need for cautiousness and sensitivity when gathering personal information in developing countries. In some cases, when representing a humanitarian organization, people may feel obligated to share personal information.

For these reasons, Stærk Kommunikation pledges to:

  1. Take our time to explain in detail how information will be used and how it can be inadvertently misused online.

  2. Leave a copy of consent forms with the source as well as representatives from the local office.

  3. Leave contact information directly with the source and let them know that they have the right to regret  participation.

  4. If we suspect a person feels uneasy or may be participating against his or her will, we will abort the interview and find another case.

  5. We use consent forms provided by the organization. In the event that they are not good enough, we will encourage the NGO to work with us to improve them.

  6. We always store data and photos in such a way as to be be able to retrace and erase.

  7. We pay special attention to sensitive information, e.g. health status or political persuasion.

  8. We pay special attention to sensitive information when interviewing children. With minors, consent is given by parent or legal guardian.

  9. We strive to always portray people in a dignified manner.